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International delivery. Mail, parcels and shipments receiving.

IPS provides international delivery service for receiving mail, parcels and shipments. For many years of our work we created a whole system of international routes, allowing to provide a multivariate, high quality and affordable service.

Using IPS you can receive:

  • mail, private and business letters, packages, parcels, shipments;
  • books, subscription for foreign periodicals;
  • on-line shop orders, private or company packages almost of any content (except prohibited items)

Тарифы и сроки доставки

для клиентов — владельцев абонентских ящиков, т.е. клиентов оформивших договор на постоянное обслуживание:

НаименованиеТариф без учета НДС, у.е.Средний срок доставки, рабочих дней
Document and packages:
0 up to 4
4 up to 12
12 and more
0 up to 4
4 up to 12
12 and more
Грузы Индивидуально 11-15

Фунт - единица измерения веса, принятая в Англии и США

Конечная стоимость получения рассчитывается из РЕАЛЬНОГО ВЕСА, а не из округленного в большую сторону числа полных фунтов.

Тарифы для клиентов, не абонирующих а/я и не оформивших договор, а решивших воспользоваться нашими услугами единоразово:

Вес, граммТариф без учета НДС, у.е.

Документы или каждое письмо весом до 200 гр

7,5 y.e.

Документы весом до 450 гр

15,00 y.e

Посылка весом до 0,5 кг

25 у.е.

Посылка весом до 1,0 кг

38, 94 у.е

Посылки более 1,0 кг (см. таблицу тарифов)

Таблица тарифов

How it works

For receiving parcels and correspondence from abroad our Customer is provided addresses of our offices in London (UK) and New York (USA) (in some cases - Hanover (Germany), Riga (Latvia)). Our customer gives the addresses to his senders (colleagues, relatives, etc.), or to online store when you make a purchase in. All letters and parcels came to an appropriate name to the specified addresses are collected, documented, sent to Russia and then delivered to the client at a specified address of the client in Russia or in the office of the IPS (Moscow), where the customer will take his own correspondence.

Как это работает на примере заказа из интернет-магазинов

You buy your purchases in the online store, send them to the address of our warehouse:
On our stock all the parcels are being trained to be shipped and sent to Russia.
You receive the parcel:
  • In the IPS office
  • courier
  • at the post office
Select items in any store. Make a payment. When filling up the shipping form put the address of our warehouse, which is located closer to the store. If the store is located in the country where we don’t have our office/warehouse - please call + 7-495-733-90-73, we shall try to help you and get a piece of advice which our address suits better. Wait for your parcel to come to our warehouse where necessary documents will be prepared for further delivery to Russia. When the parcel will arrive to Russia you will be informed by phone or sms. Your parcel will be shipped according to the chosen method of delivery.

Правила получения зарубежных адресов:

For mail and parcel receiving in Moscow you need to get a personal foreign postal address, which you should give to your senders. IPS will provide you with personal address in the following cases:

How to obtain your MailBox and mailing addresses to send and receive correspondence on a regular basis:

  • After you provide the completed IPS agreement form and IPS office has verified your acceptable forms ID (passport) , you will receive mailbox number and mailing addresses. In this case you become a regular client (a member) of IPS service and for all our service you will be charged fees in accordance with special tariffs for members.
  • If you are not planning to use our service for permanent receiving mails/packages, but just want to receive a parcel, you can receive our disposable mailing address at IPS office by providing you acceptable forms ID (passport). In this case you will not be able to use discounts for regular clients and you will be charged fees in accordance with tariffs for non-members.

You have signed a contract with IPS for the regular service (fixed-term or permanent - of your choice) and become the owner of the mailbox.

  • You just want to get a package and are not planning to subscribe to the mailbox:
  • You have arrived at the IPS office and, presenting his passport, gave a photocopy of the passport and left your contact phone number.
  • You called IPS courier to your home or office and You will also need to present provide his passport, gave a photocopy of the passport and left their contact number.

Note: An emailed copy of your passport is not accepted. You must visit IPS office during business hours to provide your identification (your ID must be current, ID must contain a photograph, contain sufficient information to confirm that you are who you claim to be, contain your current address).

For more information contact us by phone: +7(495)733-9073